Starting with a range of Headworks options and ending with membrane – based solids management, each Ovivo MBR is an integrated, total solution to a wastewater treatment problem or reuse opportunity.

Focus Markets/Applications:
  1. Retrofit/Expansion/Upgrades
  2. Reuse/Scalping/RO Pretreatment
  3. B2B and Developer
  4. Deployable Plants
  5. Casinos, dairy, beef and poultry
Main Advantages:
  1. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Greatest Simplicity, Reliability, Effluent Quality and Space Efficiency
  3. Single Source Responsibility
Key Features:
  1. Leading Membrane Technologies
  2. Extensive Portfolio
  3. Proven Cost-Control Strategies
  4. Best Project Delivery
  5. Most MBR Experience
  6. Comprehensive Technical Support
  7. Unrivaled Innovation