Ultrafiltration Membranes

Based on its R&D abilities and long term work in collaboration with universities and research centers, Ak -Kim has developed a hollow fiber especially designed for high performance ultrafiltration purpose. The unique design of the modules allows enhanced feed water flow inside the u-PVC tube and between the fibers to improve the flow rate and reduce the accumulation of the sludge. The reduced fouling of the fibers improves the backwash and chemical cycles, hence increasing the life time of the membranes

• PVDF based hollow fiber membranes have long lifetime due to their high mechanical strength and chemical resistance.
• The capacity of clean water production is higher due to modification of membranes which enhances the hydrophilicity of membrane.
• Virus and particules separated by membrane are smaller than 30 nm.
• The product water quality is <0.1 NTU.

Specially modified PVDF based fiber to
• Reduce the fouling
• Improve the permeability
• Controlled pore size and distribution
• Improved mechanical strength of the fiber

Unique module design
• U-PVC tube allowing chemical resistance and UV protection
• Improved feed water circulation between the fibers
• Reduced sludge accumulation
• Facilitated back wash and air scouring
• Increased life time of the membrane
• PUR potting

Click here to download – AKKIM UF Membranes Catalouge