Swimming pool control – perfectly matched, fully configured

The new DinotecNET+ ready systems are superior to established measuring, control and dosing technology. The “little brother” of the DinotecNET+ takes over the control of one or two pool circulations. All information is clearly and concisely presented on an touch screen display. The menu navigation with its logical structure allows an easy and intuitive operation. Numerous features ensure a safe, demand-based water care and make it possible to reduce the input of water care agents. Even the choice of the type of water care is optional – either with Pool care (active oxygen) or chlorine. All that is required is connection of the appropriate measurement kits. The “ready” devices can be used in both private and public sector, suitable for pool sizes up to 150 m³. DinotecNET ready + combines state-of-the-art water treatment technology with the convenience and advantages of innovative technology. The result: a top water quality and reduced costs.