AQUASTAT – The Preferred Choice
When you choose Aquastat anti-scalants and cleaners, you are assured of the best – pioneering expertise and our proven performance. Aquastat ensures better membrane performance, whether it’s a reverse osmosis (RO), nano-filtration (NF) or ultra-filtration (UF) system

Aquastat antiscalants, or chemical “scale inhibitors,” prevent mineral deposits from building on your membrane, causing fouling. Our Aquastat products help resolve these problems—and in almost every instance, at a lower cost than it would be to use ion exchange to remove hardness.


Cleaning products
When a membrane or resin does need cleaning, our Aquastat product removes most foulants and restores performance in all types quality of membrane systems and resins.
(In all type and quality of membrane systems and resins)

All backed by innovation,and service, sustained R&D, state- of-the-art fully automated manufacturing facility


  • Excellent threshold inhibitor of alkaline earth scales.
  • Excellent crystal distorter.
  • Effective at low dosages.
  • Water soluble hydrolytically, thermally and biologically stable.
  • Cost effective


  • Membrane cleaning
  • Resin cleaning

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