Water Treatment Group – the business arm where a lot of responsibility lies in introducing appropriate products and technological deals related to water treatment. The Water Treatment Group is a leader in providing innovative products & solutions used in water treatment, storage, movement & enjoyment of water. Our association with global companies like, OVIVO, Scotmas, Akkim, Adelino, Tank Connection, Real Tech  etc. talk about our commitment to, the Indian water industry sector, bringing in newer, superior & efficient technologies. With a combination of excellent pool of engineering and commercial talent, we continuously strive to deliver ADDED VALUE to CUSTOMERS, by offering products and services of the highest quality and improving performance. With intensive studies conducted in the field of water treatment by our specialized Group of Professional Water Technologists, we ensure, that products dispatched, are engineered to effortlessly function under Indian operating conditions. AQUANOMICS unveils in India, a wide range of new, superior & efficient technologies used in water treatment globally. At the same time we successfully import proven Indian technology globally. To emphasize:-
Sea water RO Membranes from HYDRAMEM are the best available in their class.
Containment Solutions from Tank Connection are one of the world’s most innovative and advanced.
Our chemical products Aquastat , Decolourants, flocculants & Coagulants and becoming popular in global markets.
AQUANOMICS makes global technology accessible and competitive. We have created opportunities for small and medium size OEM’S to grow and venture into new segments whilst entertaining the thought of being a recognized player in the global market. Clear marketing strategies, monitored distribution networks and a very strong product portfolio, has, within short span of time, has been the hallmark of AQUANOMICS ‘s ability to be able to successfully coordinate with most OEM’s. In association with our channel partners, we support new OEM’S, in setting up new business ventures whilst providing continuous technological support to our existing OEM’S.