New Technologies


Ovivo’s membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems have the best technology available and can meet the most stringent effluent nutrient limits in wastewater treatment and reuse applications. Ovivo will work with plant owners, operators and consultants in a variety of industries to apply our customized MBR technology to each unique wastewater treatment problem.

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AKKIM UF Membranes

Based on its R&D abilities and long term work in collaboration with universities and research centers, Ak -Kim has developed a hollow fiber especially designed for high performance ultrafiltration purpose. The unique design of the modules allows enhanced feed water flow inside the u-PVC tube and between the fibers to improve the flow rate and reduce the accumulation of the sludge.

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ADELINO Water Pumps

After years of development, Adelino’s enterprise technology center based on German technology has developed into an important part supporting enterprise development, scientific and technological innovation. Adelino’s R&D and manufacturing aligns with the world’s advanced level and continuously enhances the competitiveness of the company’s products.

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