Zodiac Salt water Chlorinators – Reverse PolarityRange Description: 
LM3 – Top of range (self cleaning / reverse polarity) replaces LM2 range C Series – Mid / Entry level (single polarity)

Zodiac has expanded the horizon of pool water treatment to bring you the ultimate salt water chlorinator, LM3. Its state-of-the-art cell is stylish and maximizes the efficiency of sanitation in your pool. The Zodiac LM3 will reduce time spent on regular maintenance, leaving you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool.

LM3 Electrode, LM3 Power Pack, Owner’s Manual and Warranty Card

Model Number Capacity
Cool Climate (L)
Temperate Climate (L)
Hot Climate (L)
LM3 15 TS 90,000 60,000 45,000
LM3 20 TS 120,000 80,000 60,000
LM3 24 TS 144,000 96,000 72,000
LM3 30 TS 180,000 120,000 90,000
LM3 40 TS 240,000 160,000 120,000
Advanced Chlorinator Technology State-of-the-art self-cleaning cell technology maximises water flow and chlorine production.
Self Cleaning Cell Minimises potential of calcium build-up.
Unique Power Bubble observation point Allows you to see the effective output of the cell at a glance through enclosed cell cap.
New look Shroud Aesthetically pleasing with its colour, shape and modern design.
Digital Time Switch For continuous and automatic operation, back-up battery keeps the operation data stored in memory up to two weeks in the case of power failure.
Super Chlorinate button For boosting chlorine levels for extreme temperature or heavy bather load.
Set and forget operation Adjusts back to pre-set levels after 24 hours after super chlorination. Allows time clock to be set for the same time every day or different times every day.
Check salt function Allows you to see whether salt level is low.
The Zodiac Warranty 1st year of warranty is unconditional on the Power pack & Electrode. There is an additional 1 year full warranty on the Power pack, and 4 years pro-rata warranty on the Electrode.